Tech Stack

Open Source / Web Frameworks


Backed by Zend Technologies with huge set of plugins and extension and Zend Studio Integration.


Opensource framework with large community and excellent documentation.


Another opensource framework backed with easy CRUD feature integration.


Best designed PHP framework with back end as C execution engine for faster performance.


Mostly adapted framework offring well tested codes with symfony components.


Template engine that helps in setting up 3-tier MVC architecture by decoupling the view layer.

MEAN Stack

Free and open-source JavaScript software stack for faster client side scripting.

Angular / Node JS / AJAX

JS frameworks best suited for single pager application that serves response without page refresh.

Website CMS


It's best suited for simple static websites or blog platform, has support for SAAS too.


Suited for complex web applications, that has more more dynamic pages.


Good platform to integrate medium range websites with user friendly back-end.


Great open-source platform for building learning or educational websites, with friendly back-end.



Platform that supports complex e-commerce flow setup, with higher learning curve.


Open-source platform with easy plugin integrations, suited for mid-range websites.

WP / Drupal Commerce

Wordpress and Drupal payment plugin that also support e-commerce on CMS platforms.


With customer demand, we can build custom E-commerce platform too that meets business need.

BigData / BI Technology Stack

Mongo DB

Popular NoSQL database, that can act as back-end database of variable schema data structure.

Hadoop Stack

BigData Hadoop eco-system expertise for high volume batch processing and streaming analytics.

Tableau BI Reporting Tool

Visualization tool that can integrate with source systems and build BI reports quickly.

Infrastructure / Cloud Services

AWS Cloud

Elastic cloud storage and computing servers with pay as you go and hosting auto scaling applications.

Linux / Unix

Expertise in secured server administration and application setup, monitoring and automation.


We do support Windows server administration and application setup, monitoring and automation.


Salesforce CRM

Best selling on-demand cloud CRM with software-as-a-service concept.

Sugar CRM

One of the popular open-source and cloud CRM with flexible system integration.

Suite CRM

Built on top of Sugar CRM with additional custom modules and integrations.

Vtiger CRM

Open-source and on-demand CRM that has easy flexibility for customization.

Custom CRM

We do support building custom CRM, as per business needs and help in integration.

Social Applications

FB Applications

Custom API based Facebook applications for digital marketing.

Social Fan Pages

Bulding and managing Social (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.) fan pages.