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Leverage Krescitus Artificial Intelligence experts to integrate Generative AI use cases such as generating images, summarize documents, implement conversational chatbots and many more using Large Language Models (LLMs) or Foundation Models(FMs) from cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure OpenAI.

Conversational Chatbot

Integrate Generative AI Foundation Models from OpenAI or Amazon Bedrock to integrate a conversational agent for a chatbot feature on your internal application or public website

Summarize Documents or Articles

Integrate GenAI FMs from Amazon Bedrock such as Amazon Titan, Anthropic and more to summarize text content or search from document store using Amazon Kendra.

Generate Images and Text

Integrate GenAI FMs such as Anthropic, Amazon Titan or Google Gemini/Bard to generate new text or images through user prompts.

RAG Architecture for Accuracy

Integrate Retrieval Augmented Generation GenAI architecture to supplement FMs with vector store database information for accurate response for the end user.