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Entumano is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers with a mission of empowering you to reach every milestone of your goals. We believe that the power to improve your life is in your hands. More than a place to buy and sell, Entumano is a marketplace where every good deed is rewarded and every reward is a step to earn your way to building your wealth or helping your community, or both! In Entumano, you can shop with a purpose..

Entumano is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, and unique products.

In a time of increasing automation, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce. That’s why we built a place where creativity lives and thrives because it’s powered by people. We help our community of sellers turn their ideas into successful businesses. Our platform connects them with millions of buyers looking for an alternative – something special with a human touch, for those moments in life that deserve imagination.  Entumano is a marketplace where everyone can help one another earn more as a seller, buyer, or even just being a registered member. Join us and help us build a better business.

Features on Entumano

Krescitus technology added the following features on entumano. These are listed below

1. Seller

Entumano Marketplace is the Philippines’ leading platform for selling online. Be it a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier, simply sell your products online on Entumano and become a top e-commerce player with minimum investment. Through a team of experts offering exclusive seller workshops, training, and seller support, Entumano focuses on empowering sellers across the Philippines.

Selling on Entumano.com is easy and absolutely free. All you need is to register, list your catalog and start selling your products.

2. User-Friendly Design

Perhaps the most important feature customers want in an e-commerce site is a good user experience. If your customers can’t find their way around your website or they struggle to find what they’re looking for, they will likely move swiftly on to one of the many other online retailers.

Prioritize customer experience by:

Creating a simple, straightforward, high-quality homepage.

Including a search bar.

Clearly listing category pages in the navigation bar.

Focusing on creating a responsive website.

3. Mobile-Friendly Features

In the modern marketplace, e-commerce consumers are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices. According to SaleCycle, mobile devices were used in 56% of all online purchases in 2020.

In other words, most customers want to browse online stores on their phones, so including mobile optimization in your e-commerce website design is vital.

Ensure your web design is automatically modified for the screen size and shape of phones to increase your conversion rate and keep customers happy.

4. Multiple Payment Options

Cart abandonment is often a big issue for online retailers.

To improve your chance of sealing the deal in the final checkout process on entumano, be sure to make the purchasing stage as easy as possible for your customers by offering multiple payment methods in the shopping cart.

In addition to offering debit and credit card options, consider adding options for payment providers like PayPal or Stripe. You could also add plugins that have a buy now, pay later functionality to encourage customers to press the “purchase” button.

5. 24/7 Customer Service

A big part of a successful customer experience is providing helpful, accessible customer service. 24/7 customer service features are there on entumano.

Include a 24/7 customer service chatbox as one of your e-commerce website features to address customer needs at any time.

6. User Reviews

Include a section on entumano website where customers can read real product reviews.

With 79% of customers trusting reviews as much as recommendations from their friends, reviews are essential for any successful online business.

Because your customers won’t have the chance to see a product in person, they’ll often rely on what previous buyers have said about it.

7. User Features and Discounts

Customers like to feel that they’re getting a good deal and being treated differently from other customers. Offer personalized deals, offers, and other user features to give them this type of attractive, customized experience.

Offer user accounts where customers can access loyalty pricing offers, their personalized wishlist, and account history. You can also use an e-commerce platform automated emailing system to send targeted special offers to loyal customers.

8. Extensive Product Information

Shopping online has become extremely common, but many consumers still feel hesitant about making online purchases — especially from smaller brands that they may be unfamiliar with.

A big disadvantage of online shopping for consumers is that they are unable to see or try the product before making a purchase.

9. Wish Lists

Shop, save, and share!

Ecommerce sites that aren’t using wish lists are leaving revenue on the virtual desktop table.

10. Detailed Shipping Information

Alarmingly, unexpected shipping costs are the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment.

It’s critical that entumano include shipping information early in the checkout process, including a region calculator showing the cost. Shipping cost depends on the seller and buyer’s region.

11. Return Policy

Return policies are an essential feature of entumano.

Your return policy should be clearly visible and well-written or illustrated.

This is another trust-building feature of online selling. It reassures buyers that if they are unhappy or just need a different size, the brand is there for them.

12. Customer loyalty

Entumano provides 0.5% of the total order as loyalty to the buyer. Which they use for their next purchase only.

13. Store and product listing creation

A product listing is what the customer sees when they search for an item. This is one advantage of e-commerce meant for the seller. This online business plus point is that you can personalize your product listing after creating them. The best part? Creating a listing takes very little time, all you require is your product name, Price, Category, Sub-category, Image, etc.

Sellers can add many images, a description, product category, price, shipping fee, and delivery date. So, in just one step you can tell the customer many things about the item. Creating your listing shows the buyers what you have.


1. Different shipping APIs integrate

Krescitus integrates shipping API on entumano. It integrates a shipping feature directly to entumano. Shipping Rates are automatically calculated, labels are created, and tracking numbers are generated, among other things.

2. Variant on products

On entumano, product variants features are there. Product variants are combinations of product options like color, size, etc. You can add also another variant as your choice. You can offer and manage the variants as separate products. When your potential customers shop online, they can view the same product available in assorted, unique variants (identifiers), such as color, size, price, quantity, and more. So with more variants, there is a higher chance your customers will find the exact item they were searching for.

3. Image rendering

We provide image formats such as PNG, JPG, and JPEG only with file sizes below 10MB.